Minakuchi High School is a school rich in history and tradition. Our school was founded in 1908 and we will welcome our one hundred-tenth anniversary next year. The school continues to boost academic performance and qualify an increasing number of students into University. On top of academic improvements, Minakuchi has always promoted student participation in after school club activities, and almost every student is registered with an after school club. These clubs, which are practiced year-round, range from traditional Japanese sports like kyudo (Japanese archery), karate, and kendo (swordsmanship) to basketball, soccer, baseball, volleyball, soft tennis, softball, track and field, wrestling and even air rifle shooting. Other clubs can be found in a wide range as well. English Speaking Society (ESS), Japanese Literature, Photography, Concert Band, Tea Ceremony, and Calligraphy are examples of the wide range of clubs at the school.
High school in Japan is not a part of compulsory education. Therefore, an entrance exam or interview must be passed for a student to receive acceptance into school. High school is based on a three-year system, starting in April with the blossoms of the cherry trees and ending in March. Minakuchi High School supports around 700 students and 6 homerooms in each grade level. Minakuchi High School is also unique because it supports four courses of studies; the international course, the University/career development course, athletic performance course and general courses


A typical day at Minakuchi High School         
SHR        8:358:45
1st period   8:559:45
2nd period  9:5510:45
 3rd period  10:5511:45
  4th period  11:5512:45
  5th period   13:25 14:15
  6th period   14:25

Students who are in the international course and academic-track course have to take a 7th period class to learn more.
International course

Students who are interested in studying foreign languages and learning about the contrasts between other cultures and their own. There are around 20 students in each grade year. These students take more English language classes than the standard-curriculum students. 

The highlight of the international course occurs during the summer of their second year, with a 6-day language study abroad in Malaysia. The students visit Temerloh village and have one day and night home stay there. Students also visit a high school in Malaysia and give a presentation about various aspects of Japan. They prepare for the presentation in the cultural understanding class. Most students get a first-hand experience of school life in another country. Organized field trips also give the students a chance to see Kuala Lumpur and experience many unique elements of Malaysia. Local university students show small groups with three or four students around the city. On that day students are free to do anything with a university student guide. It is full of events organized by them. Not only is this trip a great opportunity to put to test the English students have been learning in class, but also a wonderful way to  foster a sense of living in an international community. Through emails, facebook and letters, most students keep in close contact with their host families. They may never have an opportunity to meet again, but it proves to remain a life lasting experience



Minakuchi High School also supports a full-time Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) with the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) program. Our current ALT, Nicolle, is from Puerto Rico. She teaches an English Communication class to first year students which is designed to improve student’s oral communication ability in English. She also has a Cross-Cultural Understanding class for second and third year students that focus on cultural exchange between Japanese and English-speaking cultures.
Outside of the classroom, Nicolle assists with the ESS club and help many students who want to speak English. Nicolle will have finished her job as an ALT in July and leave Japan. We believe she has had a wonderful experience here with the students and co-workers. 

ESS Club

The ESS club meets twice a week after school. The students are all enrolled in the international curriculum, and love experiencing unique aspects of American culture. Halloween pumpkin carvings, gingerbread house decorations, playing with the dreidel, singing songs, and read-along books are some of the student’s most favorite activities. Students also host a booth at annual community events to promote English education, take part in speech contests, and recitation contests.


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